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Vitiate (v. t.) To bring about to fall short of outcome, possibly wholly or partially; to produce void; to wipe out, since the validity or binding pressure of an instrument or transaction; to annul; as, any undue influence exerted with a jury vitiates their verdict; fraud vitiates a agreement.

Vent (n.) A little aperture; a gap or passage for air or any fluid to escape; as, the vent of a cask; the vent of the mildew; a volcanic vent.

Range (n.) The quality or condition of currently being numerous; intermixture or succession of different things; range; multifariousness.

Vermetus (n.) Anyone of many species of maritime gastropods belonging to Vermetus and allied genera, on the spouse and children Vermetidae. Their shells are routinely spiral when young, but later on in everyday life the whorls turn into separate, along with the shell is usually irregularly bent and contorted similar to a worm tube.

Vocule (n.) A short or weak utterance; a faint or feeble audio, as that read on separating the lips in pronouncing p or b.

Varix (n.) One of many prominent ridges or ribs extending across Each and every of your whorls look at this web-site of sure univalve shells.

In 1642 an addition of upland was built "in acres according to the 1st and 2ond divisions of meadows granted unto them with the rule of their estate; and Peter Noyes, Bryan Pendleton, George Munnings, Edmund Rice and Edmund Goodenow visit this site right here have been to possess power to put oat the 3d division at their discretion."

Emma certain her there Read Full Article could be no issues in the answer, and recommended website link its staying created specifically, which was agreed to, click for source inside the hope of her guidance; and nevertheless Emma continued to protest in opposition to any assistance being wanted, it absolutely was actually provided within the development of every sentence.

Vomit (v. t.) To toss up; to eject within the belly with the mouth; to disgorge; to puke; to spew out; -- often followed by up or out.

break up - (tenpin bowling) a divided development of pins still left standing right after the initial bowl; "he was profitable until eventually he obtained a split from the tenth body"

Vagrant (n.) Just one who strolls from spot to place; just one who has no settled habitation; an idle wanderer; a durable beggar; an incorrigible rogue; a vagabond.

Valkyria (n.) On the list of maidens of Odin, represented as terrible and delightful, who presided more than struggle and marked out those that were to get slain, and who also ministered in the feasts of heroes in Valhalla.

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Voiced (a.) Uttered with voice; pronounced with vibrations with the vocal cords; sonant; -- reported of the seem uttered Along with the glottis narrowed.

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